We fought over 

The crumbs on my bed.

I couldn’t eat it.
I couldn’t get it out
Of my head,
That itch.

“What the hell is your
Problem?” You screamed
In frustration.

I didn’t answer.

I ran out of
“I don’t know”s for
The day. 

Day One

Of no you,

of no random
contemporary poet

of no coach carter

of no scolding from
food infidelity,

of no honest
reflection of my

of no good deliverance
throughout the day,

of no soundtrack
reviews of tarantino,

of no cincematography

of no eulogy inspired

of no long, deep conversations
about my soul or your soul,

of no surrealistic perfection
of Dali’s clocks,

of no therese,

of no you,

of no you…

An Ex-lover’s Regret

I woke up without you

on the same spot

where you first laid eyes

on me, fragile and fickle,

and undecisive with my actions

Your scent no longer lingers,

the room leaving with it

its perfect intoxication

of affections that left

my soul to a wanting

How absence made me

less becoming

like my world stopped into

this untimely state of

negligence and mistreated words

that killed what we

have, brutally murdered

what could have been our own

beautiful happiness

And after all these things,

it’s too late for everything

to come back the way

they were, the way I could

have told you that

you changed my mind’s ways

when it comes to life

and finally the fact that I

considered the law of lovers

so often avoided by cowards like me

for if you’re the only man

in the world, I would have given my heart

too, and I can watch yours..

and you can have mine for keeps