Out Under the Drizzling Rain


For weeks and weeks,

I tried to conquer my defeats,

simply by playing it on repeat,

and finding the reason why I am so,

just for me to heal what I have to fix,

and let go of things that were untied to

my thread and feed it to the monsters

I’d rather forget, than to forge fake happiness

I slept on the cold hard floor, wishing that

this inner battle would all end.


Because, I want a clean slate with you in it,

like a burst of new color that is charming,

enthralling to my eyes…

The perfect hues of sincerity with your brown

fiery orbs I live, and not die.


I am glorious in your arms, each tear

became gold that bought me the world,

I am beautiful in your side, like

puzzles fitting perfectly togeter,

with my heart, out thumping like a chaotic

drum, I let everything dance as it is,

letting fate do its work,

getting you near me.


Everything is perfect under the drizzling rain.


Let Me Be Your Rain

 I let you be,

like what fate told me I should do,

in order for me to show ,

how much sacrifice I can give,

to you, my forever perfect soul….

But all I ask,

is for me to be your rain,

to pour to you my heart,

my everlasting adoration

as I take this yearning

fall from my sleeve

and into you heart…

Let me drench you with

the familiar confidence I

used to give you…

the same faith I clothed you…

that I never want to take back.

I want to flood you,

with joy so overwhelming,

it never vanishhed,

because you are with me,

inside me,

your body and soul…

and the things I felt before,

never perished…

it fought the ephemerals…

but under the dry earth it hid,

waiting for you to dig it up

and to resurface in your

countenance again…..

Replaying in the mind


words come crashing down

 like raindrops on the skin of the soul,

within reach the pine I have since

the moment you were gone…


and the voice that I keep

repeating inside my fragile mind,

the voice that made my bones

 tingle with how it was spoken..


Familiar gentleness is creeping

up to my feet, to my limbs..

Thorns that made my flesh

bleed with sorrow and indifference,

and the pretensions I encountered

with your presence at sight,

taste as sweet as

 honey now…bitter to the heart….


But the soul do not care,

 nor it feels the suppressed hatred,

for at the sight of you…


everything vanishes..disappears…

and the fluidity of time

passes by like flowing water…

leaving me dripping and soaked

with emptiness…