I’d Like The Night To Be Dark

With no disturbed stars sprinkled over

the vast void of silence.


I’d like the night to be a dark canvas

for the lonely hearts to sail to.



The city is already a burning furnace of regret,

the souls lurking among the pavements,

dusted with remnant’s of their lovers’ shadows.



I’d like the night to be a virgin,

lightless, untouched grace for poets to thrive to,

where it can be the ceiling beds that are not as

defiled by midnight cries and lengthy prayers.



I’d like the night to be a large blanket of solitude,

covering the world despite this marble’s wishes

to see the universe in all its wholeness.


It will not do everybody good.


For the universe is this one huge mystery for dreamers

to discover. A mystery that nobody can understand

even after it unfolds.



I’d like the night to be an embrace,

to the worrisome and to the daughters of the insane,

for the tired eyes drowned from weeping,

and for the pens that bleed white ink.



I’d like the night to be dark.



Where my loneliness can come home,

where the doors are wide open for my words

to stumble upon,



I’d like the night to be my night


for once,


without the stars and without the sound.

27th Floor



They don’t know what they’re missing

inside this room full of loneliness…


because when I look outside my window

I can see the world underneath my chin

like I can step on every burden, and bury

every defeat on those small city lights

covering the vast flatland of my worries


And the wind here is great, like my soul should

hold on the panes because I might be drifted

to something wonderful yet unreal, saving me

those sleepless nights alone in this four walls


They stabbed me with their stares, stoned me

to death with their so-called sound judgement

and exiled me on the top most floor of their

rotten fortress, but they didn’t know

heaven was at my side…


Darkness embraces me with its familiar warmth,

adorned me with rusty old Christmas lights,

as Nyx kissed me with purpose saying,

“Dear, don’t fear the people down below”

leave the creatures be…



“we’re invincible”