Space Out

Like my mind is travelling

Among the stars,

Faster than the speed of light,

Orbiting the planets,

Colliding with comets

Of words and pages not worth

The write

Or there is such a thing


I cannot write,

I cannot make myself create

Something this wicked

Like I am a one hit wonder,

A once show stopper

A single radiant glow as

Bright as a shooting star,

Before fading with

The darkness of the sky


I cannot make my art,

Be as beautiful as the cosmos,

Or entangled with a constellation

Of ideas inside my head

Because I feel like I wrote nothing

In all the time that I did,

And if I feel like I wrote something,

It’s not even worth reading

And just feeds the fire of a hope

That maybe I can be like one of those

Stars that dreamers

Wish upon;

Not like what I think I am now,

Dead and cold.

Replaying in the mind


words come crashing down

 like raindrops on the skin of the soul,

within reach the pine I have since

the moment you were gone…


and the voice that I keep

repeating inside my fragile mind,

the voice that made my bones

 tingle with how it was spoken..


Familiar gentleness is creeping

up to my feet, to my limbs..

Thorns that made my flesh

bleed with sorrow and indifference,

and the pretensions I encountered

with your presence at sight,

taste as sweet as

 honey now…bitter to the heart….


But the soul do not care,

 nor it feels the suppressed hatred,

for at the sight of you…


everything vanishes..disappears…

and the fluidity of time

passes by like flowing water…

leaving me dripping and soaked

with emptiness…