Me and You

Comfort me,
like how you comfort
may it be in darkness,
or in ever which way the
storms inside you
crumble away….
because my soul is at
peace with your
and my heart is calm
with the truth that
I live in you as you
are in me

New Subject

Before we learn how
to write our stories
in bed,
before I found you
in your morning head,
I have studied your
ways in my heart,
how your love
seeps in all my
corners without a
single touch,
but with only a
glazed glass gaze,
full of promise,
of worry about tomorrow,
of a recklessness
that even I am afraid
to take…

You dismantled me,
unscrewed me,
laid me down,
part by part,
saw me in all my
my basicness that
puts off people,
you loved;
A new found depth
to my overly complex
struggle to be
who I wish to be,
and you still carried
your want,
like I’m the only want
you’ll ever need…

And I still haven’t
studied that part of
that familiar part
that I always see
whenever I’m with you,
the part that I understood
but yet foreign,
that strong front of
your face, wishing
that I’m always beside
drawing circles on our
shared headboard,
at the wee hours
of our quiet solitude

– J




maybe I’m too generic,

that people find me tiring,

or maybe I’m always the same,

the girl who digs so deep,

the girl who can talk the talk but

can’t walk the walk,

or maybe,

they’re used to me,

to my insanity,

my awkward conversations,

my spontaneity,

that they just stopped

making sentences with me ,

and it makes me scared,

fearing the fact that

I’m not worth making memories

with or this is a wrong thinking

and my paranoia is striking me again…