Confessions of an Untouched



It started when I drowsed off,

and woke up in my other world,

where everything goes, and saw

an unfamiliar face holding my hand as

he leads inside the screen door from the

front porch that early spring…


He looked at me with burning flames around

his head and his veins are throbbing so loud

I can see it flex underneath his skin….


I looked at him,

with this incredible wanting, gazing at his drenched-

with-rain statuesque and his chocolate eyes

penetrated in me, like he can see what my

insides are spelling, and it only speaks of getting

him entirely for myself….


He went near me, fingers crossed behind my back,

as he gently touched my chin to meet his gaze..

I closed my eyes, scared of what I might see, until

he gave me a kiss…


I remembered my blood stood still,

“I’ve never been kissed before” is what I can only

hear my soul say… He kissed me again,

this time, he owned me body and soul,

losing my last hopes of uncertainty and I gave

him my everything…


We danced on walls, making sounds like

roaring waves on a tempest,

we ran without folly, without lies,

just pure honesty and shed all the

superficial and went on with this never ending



Reaching the door to the left that overlooks

the beach, I found solace on the bed, telling me

to use it as our ship and pull the anchors up

for we’re sailing away from this place just for

him and me…


He lay me down gently, like I was fragile and precious

and started to travel, every crevice, every inch of

skin he can muster, I familiar myself with his sweet lips

as it went down to hold my soul up in his pedestal,

beautiful and sacred, and I reach for his face,

asking him to look at me…simply look at me,

and there I can see he’s my forever


I gave him the sweetest kiss that I can

give to him, on his forehead, down to his nose

to his chin, and his neck…I touched his nape

and hang there all loose ends of my being

we’re both half lived…

but tonight, we’ll be whole..


We started running from the shore , we swam

on the deeper ends of the waters, I paddled as

much as I can, while he grabbed me by the waist,

we swam through the sheets, until we both

collided into this unknown galaxy…

we can see stars, floating in all directions, replaying

every movement, love, want, stirring,

until I felt tired, and grabbed his hand,

telling him “we reached the shore”


and he just lulled me to sleep…

as I wake up the next spring morning

he was gone….





Honesty About Lies

I miss the way you

make my world revolve

around our conversations

with smiles and

secrecy of emotions

that lasted under

quiet lips and relax


and I run the usual you-

know- how-happy

I-am-to see-you-happy

phrase, and you’d be grinning and

act your way upon

perfect chivalry

I miss that one time

where I’m the one

who had the courage to

call your one syllabicated

name so sweet in my lips,

I couldn’t handle enough

the pleasure-induced taste

as I breathe you in

The thing that I missed the most

is the moment, we never acknowledged

time as a part of our existence because

it was just you and me..and midnights…