The Visit

You paid me a visit again,
Your skin so pale, I only
Find you on hospital beds
And a couple of rainy days
With only a candle as light

I couldn’t look at you in the eye,
Like i once did before,
Because this time your looks
Would kill, and trace a blood shed
On my heart

You gave me a cold tap on the
Shoulder, a ritual,
A tradition once every so often,
When words are not enough to
Be my security, and neither
The love of any being could

I still ask why you have to pay
Me visits, every time tears are
Falling and actions are wasted
When I am swimming in
And urge solitude to stay deep
inside me

but i never dare find the answer,
Because i know, it’s a curse
The perfect balance of perfection,
The exact opposite of uphoria
Whenever i dance in abstraction
Whenever i sing an unknown
Melody that even poets found
And instead of fighting back,
I let myself immerse in this
Liquid solely to put my soul
In reality, solely to let my
Flesh feel the emptiness
That comes with being

I embraced you, your body
Made up of daggers that
I so longingly dodge…
Let me into you..



by my very own solitude,

Oh hapless heart!

my dying heart,

caress thy gentle veins,

and cherish the ill,

the voice of an angel

shall never come in your


so stop being

a hapless fool…


my heart….

sleep to undress…