Minha Brazil…



I can already imagine you ,

on the horizon, so beautiful,

so magnificent and vivid in my

dreams, minha amor…


your quiet sultriness haunts my

ever thirsty heart, my feet craves the

roughness of the sand that makes me feel a

thousand times more alive than sitting in this

walled ground….with you I’m free


You caress me with your gentle sea, with the sun

as bright as your face, your hands touched my soul

and lure me to you and your afternoons of sitting

under the tree of life, soaking on your magic calor


and in another time, I wake up by the window,

and I would see your eyes in the vast variety of

dark-skinned angels, perfect in all their form,

slurring portuguese, and adding it to their exotic

imagery… swaying their hips like you minha amor,

swaying their hips in a never ending samba by the

south american breeze..


The ever so passionate ears of young lovers in flip-flops,

not minding other people’s worlds and just kissing

one another down the alley, while bossa’s casually being

played down the next street like a trance , enveloping the

background with so much passion, I’m scared

to breath , or it might escape from my ears..


Minha amor…when shall I see you in all your glory?

I promise that I shall never fade from this earth

without meeting with you…



When Bongos Dance


That sultry smile of the sea at sunset,

and how you hold my waist near your warmth,

under the palm trees , the bongos can be heard

at the back, where the cabana is at, and

pina coladas were served at its utmost freshness

it melts the sunny heat of our love


you pinched my cheeks and started to pull me closer,

closer to where you are. Closer to where we should be

and let the hands of the musician play the beat of the bongos

our heart’s language right at this exact moment and

start to sway with the waves of the beach…


The tides hum as I fall in love with you,

pulling you with my eyes, trying to speak to you

in ways the words cannot express, how much I love

you, how much I pined for me to call you mine


and that smile, that would cure any coldness that I feel

will cater to all my needs in this tropical haven

consuming my love in exchange for his heart

as we dance barefoot on the sand

letting  our souls speak in the sound of  bossa

and bongos.