We fought over  The crumbs on my bed. I couldn’t eat it. I couldn’t get it out Of my head, That itch. “What the hell is your Problem?” You screamed In frustration. I didn’t answer. I ran out of “I don’t know”s for The day.  Advertisements

King’s Row

I can hear you over The headshots; Six Anas, Powerless, Darting us with Poison, but it Didn’t matter Because you were Taunting me to Do better. “I bet you couldn’t kill Fifty” you said. Smirking all over The mic, Your hot breath made The heat of the Nightlamp Icy. But of course I couldn’t See […]

The Big Reveal

I bore my soul once;  And thought the world Would be whole. That moment of reveal, Slowly– I come undone slowly, Like falling in autumn, like raindrops rolling Down the window, Trying to race other Water drops but Not quite– I thought everything would be this grand gesture Of awe by the universe, Some other […]


I read from the Aleuts,  that names carry the Power of people, That they have to Earn it, Even in fiction; That Karana lost A Father for Baring his to invaders, –poor Won-a-pa-lei, “The girl with the Long black hair.”   The russians Came, like how You left with No name. You are the hero […]


And they say,  Fools are in bliss. And they say, Fools are clowns Who chose mania Over things that Are real. They felt nothing. A carnival window Overlooking hopefuls Of pay-per-view tickets. The headless woman Lying underneath A net full of Thrown cigarette butts and candy wrappers, Being gawked at its Fallacy, An abomination, Yet […]


​January 7, 2017 A numbing photo Of you with A shaved head; October 2016: The conversation Was peppered With Taboo. Some are yours, Brazen, Too brazen, That even my Worldly heart Blushed in Tomatoes, And Some are mine: Veined hands, Temper, No hair. You laughed at the Way I prefer them. You asked why, “I […]


​I accidentally found a note slipped In between my planner that  I stopped using ever since  I knew; you wrote a thought about  me leaving you,  But I digress.  We both knew what the  Truth would do,  You hid honesty like noose  In the persecution of  what is true,  Obtaining me, A commodity, as someone […]