Hello everyone! I’m just taking a break from all the writing that I’m creating in here to give a very big thank you to phlecky! ( Apparently, she surprised me by nominating me with a Versatile Bloggers Award! Wow. I never would have thought of getting any recognition with this humble blog of mine, but nevertheless, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

Anyway, because of this, I shall nominate the top 15 blogs that I think is worthy of a recognition because of the awesome stuff you can find and read in their blogs! :

I promise that reading these blogs will be worth your time.

If you want to learn more about the Versatile Blogger Awards, you can guys check their blog by clicking this link —>

So that’s it. Adieu!

– Janna- xoxo




8 thoughts on “Recognition

  1. I feel so honored that you chose to nominate me, Janna. And it’s such a wonderful surprise to find fellow Filipinos on the vast blogosphere. Dizzy nominated me for the same award last week, although I haven’t gotten to posting about it. I shall do that soon. 😀

    Tee hee. Thanks again.

  2. Yes, it is indeed an honor. Especially coming from a blogger as prolific and bright as you.

    Most online awards for blogs have ceased to fulfill the intentions they were conceived in. Many bloggers are self-centered and self-absorbed, for a miscellany of reasons, and no longer recognize that the other people in this dynamic new writing and sharing environment can help them (us) grow as artists and grow the size of our audience. I have to admit that I “kill” the chain whenever I get one of these awards (I don’t forward them and hardly click the other links on the list) because the sincerity of many of the people who send them my way is suspect, and they only demand the attention (in this case, ping-backs, click-backs, subscribes, likes and comments) while they are themselves unwilling to really take the time to hear what I have to say and form a real lasting connection. But that does not apply to you, because I know that you have indeed been to my blog (as I have been in yours, and will doubtless be back). I compensate for this lack of being “game” by making sure I keep the networking karma balanced through other means, such as finding new blogs and influences regularly via WordPress reader and other blog surfing services, reading more than one post in a single blog at a given time, leaving sincere comments in entries I have been to, and basically creating a positive vibe for everybody. (I hope I have accomplished that in this paragraph.) In that way it becomes less of a “blind mob” attempt at being noticed and more of an organic, give-and-take relationship with handpicked individuals. This route takes more time and effort and brain cells than the other, but the rewards and friendships I reaped are several orders of magnitude greater, so it’s worth it.

    The community should keep pushing one another up, and continue to rise together. 😉

    • Wow Iris! I honestly never expect you to comment as long as this. (hehe). I am really sincere in giving this award to bloggers who thrive idea and passion in their work, and truthfully you’re one of them. It all started when a friend of mine introduced me to your blog last year of July(The little bird’s name is Rissa) , and I just practically fell in love with it. Your poetry is like a drug to me (sounds weird I know :)) ) but, the more I read your posts, the more I am pulled into writing my own poetry because I also want to produce poetry as beautiful as yours and have the same effect on people who will read it…. 🙂

      that’s just a secret that I have kept to myself for a year now, and I think you have to know too.

      I hope you continue to write Iris, because you and your works are such a blessing to new bloggers/writers like me.

      Take care and God Bless!

      – Janna xoxo 😀

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