Yellow House

I The ink that was used  To write your postmortem  was barely drying when I  realized the storm had died down. And no gardens dared to bloom  on your hospital bed as  you searched across the glass wall a familiar face,  your babes,  nowhere to be seen in the  sea of beeps and  daffodils– but […]

Before We Enter Dusk

I will be silent,  So as not to disturb  Life,  Being busy With the sun, The changing  Seasons, Being furious.  I will tiptoe my  Way to  To steal moments, Hiding behind  Countertops  And cookbooks,  I’d look at your  Handwriting and I’d remember how Afternoons  Taste like; It was never night.  It was never something Loud.

Seen 1:55am

That’s the thing;  I nurse pain like how You could’ve embrace me Until life had escaped From my wrists. Blades sharpened by the past became my bow, Fitting four strings into One row, Or column, Those blues and reds that Mapped my insides To where it hurt My broken spirit has held its Last thread […]

Why So Sudden

It seems as though I have mastered The art of knowing When one soul, Stops looking at my Skies. It seems I have seen too Much backs walking Away, to know the air had shifted From promises to decay. And everytime I’d see Patterns, Psychedelic greys In a person, Of how they say hello, their […]

With Reckless Abandon

All things that would catch me, All things that would make me sleep, All things that love me; I irritate them with daydreams Of things I’m scared of while I’m Awake, passing time like I’ve got a lifetime Or two, Floating away to where I’m Not used to. I’m a stranger to the familiar, The […]

Natural Selection

Sometimes,  I’d like to think that We’re all just inside One small fishbowl Where the ever-seeing fishbowl owner Looks at us neglect Our very own fishbowls Shaking his head, Muttering that he Shouldn’t have made Fishbowls For us instead, Or fish, But then he Would want our Tastebuds to Explode with the Taste, Or caviar, […]

Aloe Vera

You sent me a picture of two animated aloe vera plants hugging each other, and at the bottom it said “Aloe you Vera much.” It was funny, but for me?  Wow. It was meant as a joke, a pun that we’d both get, and we laugh at memes so much, it’s too unromantic for two […]