​January 7, 2017 A numbing photo Of you with A shaved head; October 2016: The conversation Was peppered With Taboo. Some are yours, Brazen, Too brazen, That even my Worldly heart Blushed in Tomatoes, And Some are mine: Veined hands, Temper, No hair. You laughed at the Way I prefer them. You asked why, “I […]


​I accidentally found a note slipped In between my planner that  I stopped using ever since  I knew; you wrote a thought about  me leaving you,  But I digress.  We both knew what the  Truth would do,  You hid honesty like noose  In the persecution of  what is true,  Obtaining me, A commodity, as someone […]

Orange Tongue

You smell like the earth after a rainfall. The undying musk of thirst escaping from the versions of soil I’ve walked on. My feet is pressing severely over the dull grass blades of words, above the soil with the drought underneath. It hurt. I haven’t told you before that your eyes are not your windows, but […]

The Ghost of Rainfall

The season of rain has long passed, and yet I can still smell the after-pour at six, while the streaks of where the lightning  cuts the sky still dangles over my head, There is no escaping the storm. The cold wind did not change from its icy frocks, but only became unbearable, and as cognitive […]

Your Muse

I no longer miss my traces of words  in your poetry; Or maybe I  still do These longings are hidden between  every rain  and every thought  of ever seeing  you again, as it emerges  shyly from  the shadows, revealing itself to me. What do I truly  pine?  The pain of how you described me  as […]


  I’d pictured it as if it’s the first verse of Genesis. Your mere presence would have been a marvel, and our connection, like this vastness of possibilities, would be brighter than how the universe came to be.   I was expecting a mass explosion. An invisible thunder threading over our line of sight–   […]

Smoke Hits Ceilings

Tonight is too much of you.  I get up in trickles;  My back against the headboard, wishing that my spine would straighten the way it was before you. I thought that in forgetting, beings turn into faded warnings that we brush off during repeated histories, But they are not.  They transform into green lights at […]